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Siguatepeque alquilar

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It is a colonial hacienda producing snuff, coffee, achiote and raised cattle, but a decade has been adequate to receive guests. Its rustic decor gives rather a sign of their past.

Examples include wood scantlings seen in the ceilings, the huge dairy containers can be used as planters and cast iron stove kept as a table. A nice detail is the chapel of adobe walls and rustic benches, used even for weddings.

The Jaral Restaurant offers a varied menu that the best Honduran good food recipes, such as stoves, a dish served in a clay stove heated with coals which found the beans, chorizo and cheese, and eaten with tortilla chips corn. Of course, there are service breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The hotel also offers other fun rides, bicycle rentals to tour the property and a modern and renovated games room, with table tennis, billiards, foosball and diversity of monoply board games like chess, checkerboard, etc.

A few steps away is the camping area equipped with bathrooms (you have to take your store because there is no rental), and if you need anything else, surely you can buy at the mall. There you find clothing, crafts, cosmetics, telephones and a large dinette that offers sandwiches, ice cream, fast food and a Uruguayan cuisine restaurant.

The offer includes the cinema fun of movies with your date, but certainly what attracts the kids is the Aqua Park. Admission is about $ 6 and you have the right to use all the facilities include three large swimming pools and kids. The main attraction are the two slides, the highest made three turns and is 14 meters, the kamikaze is straight and reaches a high speed.

On one side of the water park there is also a natural lagoon where it is not allowed to bathe, but it is exciting to rent a pedal boat.

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Siguatepeque alquilar

Rentar casa Siguatepeque  

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